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Refractories for hot blast stove

The hot blast stove is one of the important auxiliary equipment of the blast furnace. It is a kind of regenerative heat exchanger, which can provide a certain temperature of hot air for the effective operation of the blast furnace. It is the heat that heats the air blown into the blast furnace From room temperature to high temperature equipment。 Work equipment. The air volume must be sufficient and the supply must be continuous. Since 2000, the domestic and international ironmaking industries have regarded raising the air temperature of hot blast stoves as one of the important contents of the modernization of ironmaking technology. Practice has proved that every time the blast furnace air temperature is increased by 100℃, the coke ratio can be reduced by 20-25kg per ton of iron, and the output can be increased by 3-5%. At present, the air temperature of domestic blast furnace hot blast stoves is mostly around 1100°C, and only a few blast furnaces have air temperature exceeding 1200°C; the air temperature of many foreign blast furnaces exceeds 1200°C, and the air temperature of Finland's Lach plant reaches 1450°C. During the construction of Baosteel's No. 1 blast furnace (4063M3) in the 1980s, low creep bricks were introduced into my country from Japan. Because of its relatively low creep properties, it plays a vital role in the longevity of blast furnace hot blast stoves. Therefore, technicians in the domestic refractory industry have conducted in-depth and detailed research on it. The low-creep bricks developed by Professor Lin Binyin of Wuhan University of Science and Technology in the late 1980s began to be used in large quantities in WISCO's No. 5 blast furnace (3200M3, 16 years of first-generation furnace service), and low-creep bricks began to be widely used in domestic large and medium-sized blast furnaces. Hot air stove. Over the past two decades, low-creep bricks have made great contributions to the longevity of large and medium-sized hot blast stoves in my country. Especially since the beginning of the 21st century, low-creep bricks have become an indispensable product for blast furnace hot blast stoves. Our company's refractory material experts have long been committed to studying the longevity of refractory materials for blast furnace hot blast stoves. He has decades of practical experience in the research and quality control of low creep bricks. With reference to the indicators of companies such as Danieli of Italy, Carugin of Russia and Nippon Steel, based on the service life and material properties of refractory materials for hot blast stoves at home and abroad, a long-life blast furnace hot blast stove suitable for my country’s national conditions and characteristics has been developed. Thermal shock low creep series products, pure andalusite bricks and other products. This series of products have the characteristics of stable performance, low creep rate, strong peeling resistance, low price and long service life.

Furnace door brick installation

The large furnace door bricks developed by our company have low porosity, low thermal expansion rate, and good thermal stability; it is easy to use, can quickly replace the furnace door bricks, and improve work efficiency; reduce heat loss and air caused by poorly sealed furnace doors Pollution, to achieve the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection; to avoid coking of the furnace door, greatly improving the service life of the furnace door

South Africa andalusite resources company expands production capacity

In March 2011, South Africa Andalusite Resources Co., Ltd. announced that it would increase its andalusite production capacity by 30% on the basis of mid-2010, and increase its annual production capacity to 80,000 to 100,000 tons in the next three years. The Maroeloesfontein andalusite mine was put into operation in November 2002. The plant has a planned annual production capacity of 30,000 tons and can be mined for 40 years.

Iron and steel industry's "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" re-layout, urban steel mills will be selectively relocated

Layout adjustment and industrial upgrading will become the main theme of the development of my country's steel industry during the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period. At a steel forum held in late March, relevant persons from the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology talked about the development plan for the steel industry during the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, which must be planned and upgraded.

Angang's 1.2 million tons pellet project has been successfully put into production

On March 28, Anyang Iron and Steel Group and Vale Brazil's joint investment of 1.2 million tons of oxide pellet production line formally put into production, which marked the steady strategic partnership between Anyang Iron and Steel and Vale has moved forward. step.

Tianyu Refractories won the bid for Taiyuan Steel's 4700 cubic blast furnace project

Our company won the bid for Taiyuan Iron and Steel's 4700 cubic blast furnace project to produce 37-hole, 65-hole clay large wall bricks and checker bricks; CP140, DRL155 low creep pipeline bricks, andalusite pipeline bricks, and low creep composite bricks.

Shanxi will build two major steel giants based on Taiyuan Iron and Steel and Shougang Changgang

According to Shanxi Youth Daily, on February 26, at the provincial county economic industrialization division branch and the provincial economic and information work conference, from the reorganization and integration of traditional industries to the release of the draft for the development of emerging industries, the whole province was released. The blueprint for the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" of the industrial economy has been very clear. It is worth noting that, in order to speed up the optimization of the industry, Shanxi's steel industry will reorganize the steel companies in the province around the two major steel companies of Taiyuan Iron and Steel and Shougang Changgang.

Beijing Lier joins hands with Baotou Steel to enter the Northwest refractory market

On March 31, Beijing Lier announced that it will use super-raised funds to establish a joint venture with Baotou Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. to produce refractory materials for steel. The joint venture company is tentatively named "Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Lier High Temperature Material Co., Ltd.", and the two parties will each contribute 75 million yuan, each accounting for 50% of the registered capital. The announcement stated that the main business of the joint venture is mainly refractory materials for the iron and steel industry, including the research and development, production and sales, and engineering contracting of refractory materials for high-temperature industries such as chemicals, non-ferrous metals, petrochemicals, building materials, cement, ceramics, etc. The company will " Based on the premise of providing high-quality refractory products and services for Baotou Iron and Steel, we will become a first-class refractory manufacturer with the most complete range of refractory products, the largest scale and the highest product grade in Northwest China."