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1、Responsible for the management of the company's office equipment, computers, fax machines, signing long-distance telephone, photocopiers, the specific use and registration, business card printing and other work. 2、Responsible for the company mail and newspaper collection, distribution work.  3、Responsible for the company's telephone switchboard wiring work. 4、Responsible for the issuance of low-value consumable office supplies, the use of registration and return when leaving.  5、Responsible for all kinds of office supplies warehouse custody.  6、According to the standard quota, do a good job in the purchase of office supplies planning and requisition procedures, so that neither out of gear nor long-term accumulation. 7, to complete the miscellaneous, procurement work.  8、Responsible for the company's office comfortable and good working atmosphere.  9、Responsible for off-duty patrol of the entire office area.



Negotiate Directly

1. Arranging, classifying, filing and recording of documents, files and information; and  2. Telephone records, printing documents, photocopying information;  3. Collecting, organising, summarising, transmitting and reporting daily reports. 4. In case of emergencies, contact the relevant person in charge urgently to assist in solving the problem.  5. Receive and send mails and letters, and forward them to relevant persons in time.
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