Introduction to Silica Brick

Silica bricks are made of high-quality mullite and silicon carbide and other main raw materials, fired at high temperature. Silica-mold bricks have excellent wear resistance, good spalling resistance and thermal shock stability, which are mainly used in cement kilns, rotary kilns, shaft furnaces and other parts that are susceptible to material abrasion.

Performance advantages:

1. High softness, excellent high temperature resistance

2. High strength, abrasion resistance, not easy to peel and corrode

3, low thermal conductivity, good heat insulation effect

4, strong flexibility, excellent thermal shock resistance

5. The density is moderate to reduce the simplified load (the volume density of silica-molded bricks is more than 8% lower than that of magnesia-aluminum spinel bricks, resulting in a unit length of the same type of kiln, the simplified load of laying silica-molded bricks will be reduced by more than 8%)

The normal industry is divided into three types: 1650, 1600 and 1550 according to its softening temperature.

1650 is a masonry placed next to the burning zone

1600 is masonry at the end of the kiln

1550 is built in the preheater, calciner and tertiary air duct to resist abrasion and erosion.